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(A different point-of-view)

This is a website for Husky fans. It says for us that we are proud to be Huskies; it's our Husky tee-shirt, our Husky logo, our Husky bumper sticker. 

Its publisher and editor Richard Linde and his wife Audrey live at Merrill Gardens Willow Glen, in San Jose, California.

A native of Seattle, Richard graduated from the University of Washington in 1960 with a Chemistry degree. Before matriculating at Washington in 1957, Richard served four years in the United States Air Force, having enlisted during the Korean War in February 1953. Not winning any medals for bravery, Richard is most proud of twice being named Airman of the Month at Langley Air Force Base, more so than the Dean's lists he made at Washington during the Sputnik era, also known as the American science students' "Death March," the one in the classroom paralleling the one on Coach Jim Owens' practice field.

Audrey's great grandfather was a member of the first board of regents at the University of Washington. Her parents met while working as reporters for the "University of Washington Daily." Her grandfather, Frank Milton Osborn, was a reporter on the old Seattle Evening News.

4malamute.com is most proud of its role in gaining  long overdue recognition for one of football’s greatest coaches, Gilmour Dobie (1908 – 1916, 59-0-3). Visit his plaque located in the Neal Dempsey Walk of Honor. We wish to thank Jennifer Cohen (Sr Associate Athletics Director for Advancement) and Dobie biographer Lynn Borland for their coordinated effort in this regard. This site published the original article championing this cause back in 2002.

This is a non-commercial site that doesn't accept advertising. The website has been developed for information purposes only -- with the "free" spirit of the Internet in mind as intended by its original developers.


"Quilt" by Lila Stageberg, MD, dedicated to Curtis Williams

Richard and Audrey, Stanford 2000

This site is dedicated to the memory of CURTIS EARL WILLIAMS(# 25, May 4, 1978--May 6, 2002), to the memory of ANTHONY VONTOURE (#23, July 8, 1979--May 31, 2002), and to the memory of MARQUIS COOPER (#88, March 11, 1982 - lost at sea, March 6, 2009).

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